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Thursday, May 18, 2006


"Not all that much to say about me really," is the general gist of Mike Horton's first post to his blog, which makes it similar to my first entry about how I'm not going to be contributing very much.

Either way, Mat, our dear leader/slavedriver/resident old person, has decreed that it is my sacred duty to keep the roleplay.taktix.org blog current, exciting and interesting. Therefore, I shall, once ever few days (more or less) be posting a selection of the things that the contributors have been writing.

Nothing stopping you going and looking at what they've got to say, but this is blog will be picking the best bits so you don't have to. That's service!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Roleplay TaKtiX

By, um, popular demand.

Actually, it was alwasy going to happen. But I got an email request almost immediately I announced the Warlord section. So, here we are.

I, personally, don't roleplay. I'm in an extreme minority of one amongst my gaming friends. So I'll leave it to them...